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'Animal' - Holygood


We were commissioned by 1983 management to create this video for newcomer band, Holygood - who recently toured with Busted. The band asked to work with Luke because of his film background and having created a similar style before. They wanted to give the video a really strong blue look, with the 'Animal' being vivid red. The brief was that lead singer, Napes would be playing 'The Animal' - a character who awakens tech zombies and brings them back to the real world. The team consisted of Director/Producer Luke Armstrong, Producer/Cinematographer Johnny Sachon, Gaffer Jamie Montgomery and Makeup Artist Becci Mapes. The team also several actors and props for the production.


Shot over two days across four locations, we utilized our Ronin M gimbal and added visual effects to embellish the 'awakening' moments. with digital zombie eyes and magical red smoke FX. We also added lens flares. Luke created custom LUTS for the blue and red looks, which were imported to the camera so that the client could see it on set. The red scenes were shot on a greenscreen stage but rather than keying the green background, Luke's LUT was used to transpose green to red. Due to budget constraints, the stage wasn't wide enough for the shots that Luke and the client wanted, so Luke used VFX to extend the background in order to create wider shots. Grading the film blue was certainly a challenge on some shots due to the bright sunshine, but because of the LUT the team were able to expose properly on set to allow for the extreme grade.


The clients were very pleased with their new video and even asked that Luke add his name to the opening sequence!





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