A low budget, confined film that takes a highly realistic, grounded and thoughtful approach to depicting a nightmare scenario - one of the greatest security threats security services most fear today... When terrorists detonate a Nuclear Bomb in London, an unlikely duo must make the best of the little shelter they have available to ride out the disaster and survive. We are currently seeking financing for the film.
Shadows is a high concept sci-fi film, set in near future London. The British government has been taken over in a coup d'etat by secret services - who launch an oppressive drone surveillance program. A small group of revolutionaries attempt to hack the system and restore democracy. I wrote the feature script is based on a short I wrote and directed of the same name, that won critical acclaim and awards at festivals around the world. The feature script takes the premise to the next level, and fully explores the possible conflict between the state and resistance members on an operatic scale, with an ensemble cast. We are currently seeking to attach UK talent. Watch the short film here.
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