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'Gypsy Woman' - Louis Alexander


Luke Armstrong directed this music video for Louis Alexander's cover of 'Gypsy Woman' by The Impressions.


Luke and Louis agreed it felt important to try to have a clear sense of story, and that it would be awesome to be able to see what it was the song was actually talking about - so Luke and producer Johnny Sachon found a Gypsy Caravan near to a studio in Henley on Thames, which allowed for a split day shoot involving the studio and the Caravan. Unfortunately, due to freak whether that April, whilst filming during the evening the crew were hit with snow and freezing temperatures, as the Caravan was at the top of a hill in the Chilterns with limited power. The team overcame the problems though, and finished up with a great video.


The team involved director Luke Armstrong, producer Johnny Sachon, cinematographer Beatriz Sastre and 1st AC Nacho Guzman, camera assistant Simon Reason, Gaffer Jamie Montgomery, spark Sabrina Corda and  makeup artist Grace Sargeant. Previous collaborator, actress Holly Georgia played the Gypsy Woman.


Shot on Alexa Mini,





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