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'Know Them' - Joel Rothwell


We created this video for emerging artist Joel Rothwell's new pop track 'Know Them'. The song is really catchy! Luke and Joel were keen to convey a sense of story in the video as well as highlighing Joel's performance piece and capturing the mood of the performance.


Working with producer & cinematographer Johnny Sachon and ace Gaffer Mat Nolan, the team came up with a blue and red colour scheme shot on a black studio with a single strong light source run through smoke, and a red kick light for the main setup where the actress walked around Joel as though tormenting his memory. The team then moved over to a white infinity studio next door for the flash backs to happier times. It was key that Joel and the actress looked like they were in a relationship, so Luke's direction was important to making this feel realistic. The camera moves were achieved using our Ronin M Gimbal.


The whole video was shot in one day, with the final edit completed and signed off within the week.





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