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Synopsis: Two neighbours are thrust together to survive a disaster. Written by Luke Armstrong. NEW PROJECT: "A GAME OF SURVIVAL"
Synopsis: After an unexplained shooting leaves four dead bodies in a small English village, disgraced gun cop - Shannon Archer must step back into the breach to bring down a wider conspiracy. Inspired by true events. Written by Luke Armstrong. NEW PROJECT: "MANHUNT"
We've been so busy working on internal and client projects lately, so we decided to update our website with some glossy new content!
merry christmas, from inspired pictures.
Inspired Pictures will co-produce the new action sci-fi thriller “Shadows” with ChorMedia. The script is penned by Luke Armstrong and Johnny Sachon and Armstrong will direct. Set in a near future London, where the security services have toppled the government, a group of resistance fighters look to bring down the authorities drone program, the Shadow Initiative. INSPIRED PICTURES PACTS WITH CHORMEDIA ON NEW PROJECT "SHADOWS"
THAT'S a WRAP ON GYPSY WOMAN MUSIC VIDEO We’ve just finished filming for Louis Swindley’s Gypsy Woman. It was a fun shoot and we can’t wait to show it to you!
We’re lost for words after reading this sensational review of ANIMUS by Chris Olson from ukfilmreview. Read the full review here. “A masterclass in dramatic poise” “The craftsmanship of Animus is breathtaking.” “The drama is intense, the performances are incredible, and the reveals of the storytelling are intriguing throughout.” “An example of near-perfect filmmaking.” – Chris Olson, ukfilmreview "A MASTERCLASS IN DRAMATIC POISE"
A big thanks to Thomas Brownridge at 2eyes1sreen for this exceptional review of ANIMUS. You can read the full interview here. AN OUTSTANDING 5/5 REVIEW OF ANIMUS FROM 2EYES1SCREEN
We’re thrilled with this wonderful review of ANIMUS from Culture War Reporters. You can read the full review here.
We couldn’t be happier with the first review of ANIMUS. Film Carnage gives it a 9/10! Read the full review here.
We’re delighted to announce that ANIMUS has won “Award of Merit” at the One-Reeler Short Film Competition in LA. Huge congrats to all! ANIMUS WINS AWARD OF MERIT
'THE SERVICE' - SHORT FILM On a regular morning, MI6 operative, Jenny calls at her colleague’s house on their usual car pool run to the office. What she discovers sparks a series of events that leads Jenny to make an impossible decision… Click here to see more on it's very own page!
I LOVE SHORT FILMS INTERVIEW LUKE ABOUT SHADOWS Imagine a world where every breath you took, every move you made and every person you interacted with was monitored by the government. If the trailer to Shadows, is anything to go by, then this new sci-fi short film directed by Luke Armstrong and produced by Johnny Sachon, is sure to be a fascinating take on George Orwell’s vision of society. Read it here in full.
Director Luke Armstrong, actress Holly Georgia, producer & actor Johnny Sachon and actress Katie Goldfinch went to Channel 4 for the launch of 'Shadows'.
We premiered short film SHADOWS at BAFTA 195 to its cast and crew and industry contacts, and it went down a storm! A great evening all round at a great venue. Shadows screens at bafta
LUKE is interviewed by bbc radio berkshire Luke was interviewed by BBC Radio Berkshire's Debbie McGe. Click here to listen to it in full.
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