SHORT FILM 'SHADOWS' Written & Directed by Luke Armstrong Produced by Luke Armstrong, Johnny Sachon Starring Johnny Sachon, Holly Georgia, Katie Goldfinch Cinematography by Scott Sandford Spy Thriller. Runtime 15 minutes Shot on Red Epic SYNOPSIS Based on recent news events and set in the year 2037, SHADOWS is a cautionary tale, a modern day Orwellian style vision of the future. The short sci-fi film depicts a UK government using all digital technology for surveillance and control over the general population, becoming a totalitarian state. We join our lead characters, Lee and Jess on the brink of a revolution. Winner: Audience Choice Award: Best Science Fiction Film (Intendence Film Festival, US) Winner: Best Science Fiction Film (Intendence Film Festival, US) Winner: Best Foreign Film (Intendence Film Festival, US) Winner of first ever Awardeo 'Trailer of the Week' Winner of Acting Hour's 'Trailer of the Week' Selected and screened at major festivals including Sci-Fi London, BUFF, Gen Con, Fargo Fantastic Film Festival, Henley Fringe and Tri Cities. Made on a budget of 5k and funded on Kickstarter.
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